One day, I will look the part of a professional.

All this talk on process and art theory and I feel as if I should offer up some goods to go with all the blathering. Until I figure out a decent way to document a triad of 1’x5′ strips (which I may add some fronds to, as that was a killer idea that I remembered, surprises of surprises, from critique), this shit photo job is going to have to suffice. Maybe that’s something I can do with the tiny handful of “time” that I have now that is supposedly free. Although, between you and me? Not quite sure if that’s going to be happening.

Check out that really shitty bamboo rug, guys.

The concept? I always had a dream when I was a kid that if I jumped into a puddle that I would drop into this weird fantasy world, so I decided to explore that when professor was like GO GO GADGET NARRATIVE! Although I'm not sure it conveyed my concept exactly, I still dig it.

My studio is a fire hazard.


Yeah seriously, everything's going to explode now.

Way to not listen to my advice, you hag.

And there's also a dog bed! OH YEAH.

Serves you right. Just saying.

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