Housecleaning and monthly inventory abound.

With the start of  The Thirty Days Project looming on the horizon, I’ve had a sudden need to hurry hurry around and clean things up! A new theme here, a correction of the tone in my tertiary pages there. Apparently, I was feeling inherently hostile with how I was going to be perceived with this blog last year when I started it. That’s unfair, both to the reader and to yours truly. To you, because it implies that you’re not adult enough to embrace the fact that I swear, may or may not take feminism “too seriously,” and fret about my artistic career too much. To me, because I apparently feel that being myself needs to be something that I apologize for, which is foolish! To be human is to be insecure, I suppose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to kick that need in the bud. Rewriting things is cathartic, if only because I want this to be a friendly place for group members to read. By the by, if you’ve come by after I made my introduction this evening: hello, Thirty Day-ers! Happy to see you here. I can’t wait to see what you do this June and hope that you’ll be open to offering critique on what I’m making, too!

Along with sprucing up the blog, I’m also getting my State of the Union post over and done with before the June bell tolls. Logic being: before you become a double-poster in your own blog, perhaps you should have a steady stream of single posts a day. After that, you can build and it’ll be a party! One day, I’ll become a blogger that is less “I hope to write more” and is more about the topic at hand, but for the moment, one of this blog’s projects is blogging, so there we are. Er, was that a bit too meta?

Since I’m treading onto a veritable Moebius strip of logic, allow me to offer a photograph that I took on the way down to Bloomington a few weekends ago for your trouble before you read the rest of the entry. Thank you, sports setting on my camera, for making on-the-road photography possible:

So the little camera can handle motion photography after all? Nice.

So the little camera can handle motion photography after all? Nice.

A.E. Brown’s Official State of the Union, May 2010

  • IN GENERAL: Not only did I survive school, but I was granted an advancement from “Pre-Fine Arts” to “Painting” and a scholarship for my trouble! The beginning of May was a flurry of frantic activity, but the next two weeks were spent in awkward sleep cycles, catching up on my collaborative writing groups, and living in that awkward subsistence way that most college students do after classes end and they don’t have a summer job to go to. I obtained Netflix streaming to my Wii (victory!), insomnia (defeat!), a functioning Etsy site (victory again!), and a presumably worse-for-wear work ethic (defeat times infinity!). Again, seems like The Thirty Days Project is going to be my salvation, as it’s less “Oh, so this is how my summer is going to go again” now and more “Oh, I just took a few weeks of in May.”
  • AESTHETICALLY: Lots of grandiose plans have been made, but beyond Thirty Days, little have been done by way of execution. It mostly has to do with that insomnia nonsense; I’m a girl that wants to pain in the morning and do that collab writing stuff I mentioned before in the evening, and when you’re sleeping through your morning… well. Fortunately, the insomnia is getting under control, which means that June is looking bright. I just hope that I’m doing less hopeful dreams and more action this time around. That being said: did a pretty hilarious sketch the other day for a friend, so I’m feeling good. Also, I made some pretty sweet books!
  • INTELLECTUALLY: The beginning of May was wrapping up a lot of exhausted OH MY GOD, BRAIN moments, but I recently re-examined some Situationist literature and theory for a collab writing project. Also, I’ve been overdosing on David Attenborough’s The Life of Mammals, so it’s entirely possible that I’m going to get animals leeching into my work soon? Unsure. Today has been a back-to-back marathon of Ken Burns documentaries and although I have no intent on doing anything remotely Frank Lloyd Wright-themed, our present viewing of Lewis and Clark’s expedition may show promise.
  • POP CULTURALLY: Catching up on Bones. So much Bones. This has defined my life for the past few weeks, to excellent results. My next aspirations are to watch the first season of Arrested Development, since it’s being all sweet, cute, and hanging out on my Netflix queue like it ain’t no thing. I also read LOST spoilers and man, I am so glad I do not watch that show. (Sorry, people who read this and like it. I just am.)
  • MUSICALLY: I’m finally catching up on reorganizing my iTunes, which means that I’ll actually start having my iPod synched on the regular again, which in turn means that I can start catching up on podcasts. HELL YES! I’ve missed my podcasts.
    • Loren
    • June 1st, 2010

    Prolifically blogging Allison is my favorite kind. Also, I like this redesign on the site.

    • I’m hoping it’s a habit that stays that way! I say this and I’m working on a pseudo-live blog of my studio time today and WordPress ate it. I’m quite irritated. BUT ANYWAY: whoever did this template for WordPress is superb. Do you hear that, Designer? SUPERB!

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