30 DAYS PROJECT, DAY TWO: “Dog Hill,” Animal Study in Surrealist Landscape.

DAY TWO: "Dog Hill"

"Dog Hill." 11.5" x 7". Watercolor on cold press paper, ballpoint pen.

Click “Continue Reading” to, well, continue! Dunno if today’s saga of process will be nearly as long given that I have a concrete idea as of the beginning of this post, but who knows?

Process, DAY 2

  • 2:40 PM: Ugh, just spent way too much time formatting. Oh well, time for the Pre-Process Pep Talk (P4?) Decided yesterday that my executive decision will be to do a bunch of studies this week just to get back into the swing of Drawing, Period. Taking off a month totally throws off your mojo. Subject in question? Adorable Boston Terrier that is presently snoring right now. What better thing to draw than a sleeping subject, right? Sometimes, she decides to stare, but I think she’ll be nice and calm for the duration of the sitting. May take liberty with said study since I can’t be entirely straight-and-narrow This Is A Dog, but point being that this should be a quick-and-dirty kind of affair. Which is good, since I am almost an hour behind yesterday. My sloth is revolting. (But sloths are adorable.)
  • 2:47 PM: Within three minutes of sketching, the dog moved. The dog had been sleeping for 2 hours and had never budged. I swear, she’s against portraiture.
  • 3:08 PM: I believe the phrase for this is “good dog.” Granted, Lucille could have sat a little more still, but she’s a dog, not a person. Pretty sure this is one of the quickest watercolors I’ve done in a while, given that it was probably ~10 minutes for all the colors and blending. Yeah, it’s not perfect, but it’s light years from where I was last summer! I’m so proud. Vaguely off-topic: I stole my mother’s supplies for this. I’m sure she’ll A) understand and B) like the finished product anyway, so I’m not too concerned. Lunch/snack break!
  • 3:24 PM: Today on Food to Sketch By: a margherita salad that was two parts cold, one part delicious mozz, one part om nom nom tomatoes, two parts fresh basil from the garden, two parts DELICIOUS VINAGRETTE, and 230498324098 parts flavor: delicious. It also wasn’t that bad to look at, so I’m uploading it to my Food Porn set on Flickr and showing this off. Bonus: by the time I’m done Flickr-izing, I’ll be ready for Part 2 of Watercolorfest 2010!
  • 3:40 PM: Now I remember why I hate landscapes. :\
  • 4:00 PM: I think I’m done with the watercolor portion! It’s such a light and sweet sketch that I think I’ll probably just be adding in details with pencil and then I’ll be able to wrap this sucker up (and at a noticeably shorter time frame, to wit!). In the interim, listening to Sleater-Kinney and doodling prove an excellent way to pass the time.
  • 4:27 PM: Wrapped it up (with ballpoint pen instead of pencil since it wasn’t really picking up when doing the details in the dog)! It was nice, cutesy, easy, etc. Ahhh.
  1. June 2nd, 2010

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