30 DAYS PROJECT, DAY FIVE: “Origami, 1 of Many”

DAY FIVE: Origami, Part 1 of Many

"Origami, Part 1 of Many." Dimensions variable. Origami paper.

Oof, five days in and I’ve already missed a day. Not gonna lie: this was probably going to happen eventually, so what’s important is that I just embrace that slips happen and that I should soldier on. And so today, after a flurry of errands and shopping for supplies, I started on one of my long-term projects for this month: my origami crane garland. I’m presently in a flurry of big writing stuff right now, so the projects over the next week or so are probably going to be small and/or revert to the cranes if I can’t do anything else. Sometimes, it’s just the act that counts — or is that just what the apologist says to make herself feel better?

  1. June 5th, 2010

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