Prodigal returns! Also, promises.

Yeesh, I’m back*! As if you couldn’t tell: I didn’t live blog nearly as much as I thought I was, but worry not — it’s for good reason! The bus wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, and once I arrived at my final destination, it was a blur of fun, excitement, and food. (Emphasis on food, seriously. There is a lady out in northern Montana by the name of Mrs. A. Chambers who makes such delicacies as chorizo biscuits and gravy, etc. etc. Bless her soul.) My visit can easily be summed up as great fun, made lots of new friends, hugged a lot, am now nursing depressing hole in my heart, and have had lots of life experiences. No, make that Life Experiences. Definitely, definitely capitalized.

But now it’s August, which means that Real Life (which also needs to be capitalized) is upon us. Real Life really decided to bite me in the butt today, but this also means fun studio time (!!!) starting, oh, tomorrow or so. To distract from the butt-biting aspects of Real Life, I think I’m going to try to write some of those Montana Trek-esque experiences down next week. If it makes it into a week-long series, then awesome! Otherwise, I’ll just consider it an awesome exercise in creative non-fiction and leave it at that. Seriously, that entire 1.5-2 weeks was too insane to not have me devote to such a practice.

Rather than give you an awfully slim update post**, let me unveil that little something that I wasn’t allowed to show you before I left. The little something in question? Homemade cards for the bride and groom at the center of Montana Trek! They’re not revolutionizing the wheel or anything of the sort, mind you, but they are definitely cute enough to earn a post in their own right. So, as they say in the France: on y va! (Alternatively: allons-y!)


For the joint card, the newlyweds received lovebirds!


Due to the bride's taste, I predicted that she would want a raptor card.


However, the groom's taste was unknown; as such, I arbitrarily chose a squid. I mean, kraken are manly, right?


* Admittedly, back much earlier than originally stated, but bus lag really does exist.
** This almost could have been an update-and-“Look at my new theme!” post, but it wasn’t. But you should still look.***
*** I am just saying. It’s pretty sweet.
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