Our long national nightmare is over.

After The Week From Hell, which involves having to endure not having access to Netflix during PBS Pledge Week, shitty news after shitty news RE: my financial aid, and driving in a death trap to find out aforementioned news during a heat advisory, I’ve finally arrived back on the other side of Internetlessness. As a reward for my patience, I have read three (3) books, finished a knitting project and achieved a good chunk of work on another, and will actually be able to enjoy a room to myself this evening. In honor of such an auspicious occasion, a few links and, for those who are interested, the list of Tharp questions from this week!

  • Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library to Open in Indianapolis: Holy locational bias, Batman! That being said, this is probably one of the cooler things we’ve done in the past year or so, and this is with the IMA’s opening of 100 Acres in mind. How pathetic that I had to hear about it from ArtDaily, though; I couldn’t have a notice from the news or anything? THANKS A MILLION, CHANNEL 13.
  • Dusseldorf’s Quadriennale 2010 to Present Exhibition by Joseph Beuys: I’m equal parts excited and jealous for Dusseldorf; I mean, how cool is this exhibition going to be? Yeah, Beuys is one of those decisive guys in the history of contemporary art, but I find him decisive…ly awesome. Whatever, I’ll link to what I want.

The list of 33 questions is, naturally, going behind a Read More; it just seems kinder and gentler to your screens. Also, it will make you Read More.

Wow, that was… dramatic. (Not really.) Without further ado:

  1. What is the first creative moment you remember?
  2. Was anyone there to witness or appreciate it?
  3. What is the best idea you’ve ever had?
  4. What made it great in your mind?
  5. What is the dumbest idea?
  6. What made it stupid?
  7. Can you connect the dots that led you to this idea?
  8. What is your creative ambition?
  9. What are the obstacles to this ambition?
  10. What are the vital steps to achieving this ambition?
  11. How do you begin your day?
  12. What are your habits? What patterns do you repeat?
  13. Describe your first successful creative act.
  14. Describe your second successful creative act.
  15. Compare them.
  16. What are your attitudes towards: money, power, praise, rivals, work, play?
  17. Which artists do you admire most?
  18. Why are they your role models?
  19. What do you and your role models have in common?
  20. Does anyone in your life regularly inspire you?
  21. Who is your muse?
  22. Define muse.
  23. When confronted with superior intelligence or talent, how do you respond?
  24. When faced with stupidity, hostility, intransigence, laziness, or indifference in others, how do you respond?
  25. When faced with impending success or the threat of failure, how do you respond?
  26. When you work, do you love the process or the result?
  27. At what moments do you feel your reach exceeds your grasp?
  28. What is your ideal creative activity?
  29. What is your greatest fear?
  30. What is the likelihood of either of the answers to the previous two questions happening?
  31. Which of your answers would you most like to change?
  32. What is your idea of mastery?
  33. What is your greatest dream?
— from Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit

Oofta! See you on Monday. (Hopefully.)

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