All images and text, unless otherwise properly cited within the entries of this blog, are copyright Allison Brown for however long you see her kicking around here — for the moment, that would be 2009-2010. Due to the nature of the blog (the nature of the artistic process, which includes — and is not limited to — what inspires said process), there will be artists and objects featured that are not the artist or from the hands of the artist; if you like these people/products, the author will do everything in her power to link the reader to the source so that one may be able to explore and fall in love that body of work, too. In short: everything that’s not cited is Allison’s; everything that’s cited is someone else’s, and they are brilliant people that you should explore on your own.

As for the nature of the author’s foul mouth: yours truly is unapologetic on that point, given that I love every word — swears included.

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