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30 DAYS PROJECT, DAY NINE: “Thumbnails,” Canvas-in-Progress

DAY NINE: "Untitled"

"Untitled sketches." 8"x10". Graphite on inkjet print-out with tape and ballpoint pen (sketchbook).

Today’s post: a look into the world of how I develop concepts into my sketchbook! Maybe it’s because of the fact that I love collaging for texture or whatever, but I always end up succeeding in my sketchbook for conceptual work a fair lot better if I’m working on top of print-outs from the computer. DON’T ASK ME WHY; I JUST DO. In this case, I took pictures of my now-mostly finished canvas (all it needs is a sand!), organized the thumbnails in Photoshop, et voila! There’s an unfortunate shadow in my studio that created that diagonal coloring effect, but I find it to be a happy accident that I’m probably going to incorporate into whatever composition I choose first. I like most of them a fair amount, but I think the one in the lower left hand corner is what I’m going with first.


30 DAYS PROJECT, DAY THREE: “Fierce,” Portrait Sketch

DAY THREE: "Fierce"

"Fierce." 2" x 3". Ballpoint pen (sketchbook).

Sometimes, there’s not a lot to say. Contacts freak-out + being really slow to start + having ~plans~ this evening + hearing about the passing of a celebrity that I was so fond of in childhood = a tiny sketch for today’s offering.

30 DAYS PROJECT, DAY TWO: “Dog Hill,” Animal Study in Surrealist Landscape.

DAY TWO: "Dog Hill"

"Dog Hill." 11.5" x 7". Watercolor on cold press paper, ballpoint pen.

Click “Continue Reading” to, well, continue! Dunno if today’s saga of process will be nearly as long given that I have a concrete idea as of the beginning of this post, but who knows?

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30 DAYS PROJECT, DAY ONE: “Invaders Must Die,” Self-Portrait

"Invaders Must Die." 8.5" x 11.5". Watercolor on cold press paper, graph paper, ballpoint pen, white charcoal.

"Invaders Must Die." 8.5" x 11.5". Watercolor on cold press paper, graph paper, ballpoint pen, white charcoal.

Picture up front, as per as per. Click on the lovely “Continue Reading” link if you want to hear about the process for Day 1!

State of the Union: Holy Shit, When Did It Become May?! Edition

All this and a picture of tits got me to where I am today.

All this and a picture of tits got me to where I am today.

Funny how those resolution things work; half of my posts in here are, “Oh gosh, how sorry am I that I haven’t written in here!” when, in reality, I’m only apologizing to myself. That being said, this is a case where I’m hardly ashamed of abandoning this blog for four months, for the dearth of posts actually represents a wealth of productivity elsewhere. I’m finally on the other end of sophomore review, finally capable of boasting the role of “member of the junior painting faculty” to show for it, and within the span of the month I’ve learned more about my artistic process than I have within the past three semesters combined. Even within the span of last break, I didn’t have much to boast by way of productivity/studio time, but now I feel as if I have a solid plan for Making Stuff Over the Summer. I want to experiment with media, do this and that, and I feel empowered to do so because I have a voice. I’m not really capable of painting for the sake of process in the sense that it doesn’t give me a proverbial carrot to lock myself downstairs and get high on paint fumes. There needs to be a theme behind it, and courtesy of an extremely helpful Drawing IV project, I think I have just that. I’ve certainly learned a lot this semester, and I suppose I’ll take now to look at a few entries back to see if those lofty goals I set for myself are in effect: Continue reading

One day, I will look the part of a professional.

All this talk on process and art theory and I feel as if I should offer up some goods to go with all the blathering. Until I figure out a decent way to document a triad of 1’x5′ strips (which I may add some fronds to, as that was a killer idea that I remembered, surprises of surprises, from critique), this shit photo job is going to have to suffice. Maybe that’s something I can do with the tiny handful of “time” that I have now that is supposedly free. Although, between you and me? Not quite sure if that’s going to be happening.

Check out that really shitty bamboo rug, guys.

The concept? I always had a dream when I was a kid that if I jumped into a puddle that I would drop into this weird fantasy world, so I decided to explore that when professor was like GO GO GADGET NARRATIVE! Although I'm not sure it conveyed my concept exactly, I still dig it.

My studio is a fire hazard.


Yeah seriously, everything's going to explode now.

Way to not listen to my advice, you hag.

And there's also a dog bed! OH YEAH.

Serves you right. Just saying.

I should let my brain vomit in class more often!

Occasionally, I like the Internet to remember that I make stuff, for whatever godawful reason (READ: that reason is vanity). Frequently, I run into the problem wherein I struggle to find anything that I am actually vain enough to pimp, but then I did this relatively neat drawing-based-on-a-drawing for my (WAIT FOR IT) Drawing III course! Admittedly, being given the permission to use whatever the hell I want was helpful — hell, the fact that I kind of went crazy today with the conte marks was really theraputic. I’m not even sure if this will be considered worthy of a dece grade in class or anything, but whatever I had fun making it, which usually ends up with my thinking that what I made is awesome.



I have no idea what to name it at all, other than "Abstract Doohickey." Wtf.

Detail II (out of order)!

See, this shit is just crazy. Like me, probably.


Detail I!

Maybe if I stare at the marks long enough, I'll get some titlespiration. Doodle?