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The world’s easiest bread, I swear. MAKE IT NOW.



So, you’re probably wondering what the above is. Rather than asking, how about you nut up, shut up, and read the post. (WARNING: today, I feel feisty. It’s because of the BREAD.)

Apparently, it takes a fair amount of work to plan a mad cheap trip across the country. Most of my week has been devoted to ensuring that I don’t have to delve into neon orange nacho cheeses and limp hamburgers at every terminal in the only way I know how: cooking my own damn food.

Given that I’m trying to cook for both trips, I’ve been worried about spoilage as much as I have nutrition. Ergo, I’ve been exploring lots of vegan and vegetarian foodstuffs since shit son, veggies ain’t gonna spoil much. (This is not extended to my tasty Thai tuna. That sounds really homoerotic, but whatever.) And what do I want to have as my be all end all bread to shovel my falafel and Nutella-granola sandwiches alike within? Oh, I don’t know, maybe some PITA BREAD?

Pita bread — and verily, all sorts of yeast breads — may seem scary for the novice baker, but to this I say “p’shaw.” Yeast bread is kind of low maintenance, really; first, you whisk up your little dudes to get them all alive and pumping, then you let them rise some more after you incorporate them into the dough. The most work you have to do with these guys is knead them for ten minutes — and really, if you can’t knead for ten minutes, then perhaps you should give up your card-carrying right as an Awesome Human Being.

Sorry, imaginary blog reader. That might have been a little harsh.

Anyway, please go behind the cut to read this super-easy recipe for pita bread that bakes up like a dream! If not, I will probably not punch you through the screen, but that’s mostly because I value my electronics and do not harbor any illusions RE: the feasibility of such an act actually harming you.

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I only apologize for being too delicious.

I’m going to go ahead and ignore the elephant in the room and say hello, this is a food post. Me? Be absent? Never? Certainly not because of a tiny sporting event called the World Cup — perhaps you’ve heard of it? I guess octopi regularly predict its results or something, all whilst being cute and cephalopod-y. I know, I know: how utterly pedestrian of me to drop a project for some soccer, but whatever whatever I do what I want.

But in honor of Getting My Life Back, please enjoy the recipe post after the cut! In the case that you might be wondering why you should even entreat to read, perhaps this tiny image will entice you:


I'm in your browser, enticing you to read about delicious macaroni and cheeses.

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Food Porn: An Interlude

Sugar Scones with Berry-Mint Compote

This shit was flavor: delicious. Consider it a mini-masterpiece in its own right?

No Thirty Days post today — but not for the reason that you’re thinking! In essence, what I’m doing today for my project is the same as yesterday: more gesso (I’m slated to put another coat of clear gesso on the canvas in a few hours as of this ), more pattern paper, more of the same. So why make you endure an identical post when I could bribe you with some food porn behind the cut? For some reason, I’ve been really cooking-oriented this week; my first foray into grilling yesterday, scones and fruit compote today, and I’m pretty sure that there’s guacamole in this week’s future — complete with homemade chips. So I guess I’ve been doing a culinary Thirty Days to go with the painting downstairs, n’est-ce pas? At any rate: let me entice you into reading the recipe behind the cut.

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