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Documenting Experiments! (OR: Look, I’ve made things!)

A few days ago, I was ready and set to act on my big Blog Resolution Challenge with a post about my art history homework RE: manifestos, but I scrapped it upon the realization that writing about shit like manifestos is probably why I’m too scared to blog in the first place. Do I really and truly have to always sound smart? I’m not going to lie to you: I usually need manifestos explained to me! Have you read Tristan Tzara? He’d adore it if I said that reading his writing is like frolicking through piles of shit up to your hips! It is just weird and bizarre and although I love it, I don’t necessarily have the extracurricular energy to write about it. It was something about WHY DON’T WE HAVE MANIFESTOS ANYMORE? IS IT BECAUSE THERE IS NO DEFINITIVE FORCE IN OUR WORLD? I SURE AS HELL KNOW I’M TOO INDECISIVE TO HAVE ONE, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Yeah, it was all in caps, too. Whoosh.

However, I do have much more entertaining blog posts that aren’t about the cerebral ow ow my brain is hurting when I think about this kind of subject matter. I’m finally learning how to use a sketchbook the way that I like and need to do so and after a few solid weeks at class, I’m really starting to get back into the swing of studio-shaped things! Today’s post is brought to you by experimenting with my camera RE: the best way to shoot your body of work for documentation. Naturally, these suckers are hardly definitive examples of my work; rather, this is part Let the Painter Play With Aperture and part Oh Hey Internet, Look at This! Which, by the way, I hope you do — I have three works that I’ve made in the past six months behind that “Read More” link, ok? That’s more than I usually post EVER!

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One day, I will look the part of a professional.

All this talk on process and art theory and I feel as if I should offer up some goods to go with all the blathering. Until I figure out a decent way to document a triad of 1’x5′ strips (which I may add some fronds to, as that was a killer idea that I remembered, surprises of surprises, from critique), this shit photo job is going to have to suffice. Maybe that’s something I can do with the tiny handful of “time” that I have now that is supposedly free. Although, between you and me? Not quite sure if that’s going to be happening.

Check out that really shitty bamboo rug, guys.

The concept? I always had a dream when I was a kid that if I jumped into a puddle that I would drop into this weird fantasy world, so I decided to explore that when professor was like GO GO GADGET NARRATIVE! Although I'm not sure it conveyed my concept exactly, I still dig it.

My studio is a fire hazard.


Yeah seriously, everything's going to explode now.

Way to not listen to my advice, you hag.

And there's also a dog bed! OH YEAH.

Serves you right. Just saying.

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows VS raindrops falling on your head.

It’s strange how the very time of day or weather can affect my productivity. I remember last semester; I would barely make deadlines and cling to the hope that I would survive through one week and yet another as I piled on the all-nighters like fried dumplings on my platter at a smorgasbord. I would not call my work in those times “the best”; I remember a studio in particular that demanded of me very precise and graphic work, the likes of which I could hardly even dream of creating in the inky silence of 4am. What I thought I needed then was silence and privacy, and now that I’m slowly crafting my studio into a messy oasis, I think my belief is slightly different.

So far, I’ve made things in beautiful sunshine around the 2pm hour. There’s something about the energy kick you get right after the sluggish digestion lethargy, when thoughts are brewing and you’re able to go with the flow. I usually end up percolating blog ideas at this time (and, perhaps with the break, I can actually devote time to said subjects), processing ideas for book designs, itching to knit, or wanting to write for days and days. Sunny afternoons are kind of akin to those friends you have that manage to infect you with enthusiasm on the worst of days with bright smiles and this crazy laughter that bubbles up like steam geysers or elementary school fountains — for me, at the least.

Indiana: The Other Grey Landscape

Blessed are we children that experience a dreary Indiana winter?

Mind you, I’ve had good times with the inky night like this. Most of my online comrades are either in different time zones, night owls, or ostenibly both; as such, collboration with them is destined for late nights with the Earl Grey and Lady Nutella Toast, typing away madly until my fingers go bloody and numb. (Okay, so I exaggerate — but mind you, typing with anyone on Gtalk does demand a certain amount of flair, ouais?) I’ve seen suns rise and set during particularly enthusiastic plotting sessions. When uninhibited by sleep’s perfect sense, it is amazing what the imagination will produce.

Rain too will give me a certain edge that twinkling sunshine doesn’t — an edge that I hope permeates into the majority of my work on my final project tomorrow, given that my tiny world is supposed to look a little something like the image pictured to the left. The rhythmic pouring of wet from the skies insures that I’m well-rested if nothing else; dear, delicate rainstorms have a tendency to lull me to sleep like sweet lullabies. It also means that the project that lured me from underneath my comforter and quilts is a special one, for everyone knows that special feeling of trapped coziness a body cultivates when you’ve slept soundly and the rest of your room dips into chilliness. I take things more slowly, since that’s what the clouds would want me to do; as such, my shapes are more subtle, nuanced. Sometimes, this also means that I take too long or that I get frustrated and throw my pencils across the room, but that is neither here nor there. Sometimes, rain can give you good things too.

I often wonder if my sensitivity to light/dark in my workspace doesn’t go beyond the usual sensitivity to the studio nonsense and permeate into that subject of seasonal affective disorder that apparently keeps on cropping up for yours truly. Am I really so sensitive to the entire Vitamin D thing that I feel sluggish and more methodical as raindrops and snow drifts pile up at the door? Or is that just something that everybody goes thorugh now and again? I dunno, I think I’d like to hear what others in Bloglandia think: do you slow your proverbial roll when the lights dim or clouds roll around? Or can you push your creativity through wind, rain, snow, and the like? (That is to say: are you the proveribal mail carrier of the art world?)

Me, myself, and food.

As is per this time of year for any college student, I have been hellaciously busy over the past few weeks. A lot of my courses are sprinting towards the “projects before Thanksgiving” deadline, so all of my weekdays have been spent foregoing the comforting verbal arena of the Internet in lieu for self-portraits, painting series that change mid-project period, and the ever-present weekly deadline for making a book. By Friday, I was longing desperately to get back to my writing communities, as it seems that all my friends there are specifically crafted to be the penultimate cheerleaders in your life (and if any of you are reading this? Thank you so much), but also because I’ve found myself to be a little rusty at the edges in terms of using the English language. All my creative energy was being invested in the visual, so when it came to catching up with my creative collab work elsewhere, I found myself lacking. Ergo: this entry.

I’ve had quite a few entry ideas for this tiny blog throughout the week, to boot. The horrors of undergraduate figure drawing are probably going to be up pretty soon (especially as one of those aforementioned cheerleaders in life may or may not have said something to the point where I need to relate my ongoing adventures in this subject), as well as a general art dump that I figure this place warrants. But my first topic to get me back on the writing horse is something that quite a few people asked me about a few weeks ago, thereby making this a long-overdue entry (especially, in all places, this blog): my relationship with food. Continue reading

I should let my brain vomit in class more often!

Occasionally, I like the Internet to remember that I make stuff, for whatever godawful reason (READ: that reason is vanity). Frequently, I run into the problem wherein I struggle to find anything that I am actually vain enough to pimp, but then I did this relatively neat drawing-based-on-a-drawing for my (WAIT FOR IT) Drawing III course! Admittedly, being given the permission to use whatever the hell I want was helpful — hell, the fact that I kind of went crazy today with the conte marks was really theraputic. I’m not even sure if this will be considered worthy of a dece grade in class or anything, but whatever I had fun making it, which usually ends up with my thinking that what I made is awesome.



I have no idea what to name it at all, other than "Abstract Doohickey." Wtf.

Detail II (out of order)!

See, this shit is just crazy. Like me, probably.


Detail I!

Maybe if I stare at the marks long enough, I'll get some titlespiration. Doodle?