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I only apologize for being too delicious.

I’m going to go ahead and ignore the elephant in the room and say hello, this is a food post. Me? Be absent? Never? Certainly not because of a tiny sporting event called the World Cup — perhaps you’ve heard of it? I guess octopi regularly predict its results or something, all whilst being cute and cephalopod-y. I know, I know: how utterly pedestrian of me to drop a project for some soccer, but whatever whatever I do what I want.

But in honor of Getting My Life Back, please enjoy the recipe post after the cut! In the case that you might be wondering why you should even entreat to read, perhaps this tiny image will entice you:


I'm in your browser, enticing you to read about delicious macaroni and cheeses.

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Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows VS raindrops falling on your head.

It’s strange how the very time of day or weather can affect my productivity. I remember last semester; I would barely make deadlines and cling to the hope that I would survive through one week and yet another as I piled on the all-nighters like fried dumplings on my platter at a smorgasbord. I would not call my work in those times “the best”; I remember a studio in particular that demanded of me very precise and graphic work, the likes of which I could hardly even dream of creating in the inky silence of 4am. What I thought I needed then was silence and privacy, and now that I’m slowly crafting my studio into a messy oasis, I think my belief is slightly different.

So far, I’ve made things in beautiful sunshine around the 2pm hour. There’s something about the energy kick you get right after the sluggish digestion lethargy, when thoughts are brewing and you’re able to go with the flow. I usually end up percolating blog ideas at this time (and, perhaps with the break, I can actually devote time to said subjects), processing ideas for book designs, itching to knit, or wanting to write for days and days. Sunny afternoons are kind of akin to those friends you have that manage to infect you with enthusiasm on the worst of days with bright smiles and this crazy laughter that bubbles up like steam geysers or elementary school fountains — for me, at the least.

Indiana: The Other Grey Landscape

Blessed are we children that experience a dreary Indiana winter?

Mind you, I’ve had good times with the inky night like this. Most of my online comrades are either in different time zones, night owls, or ostenibly both; as such, collboration with them is destined for late nights with the Earl Grey and Lady Nutella Toast, typing away madly until my fingers go bloody and numb. (Okay, so I exaggerate — but mind you, typing with anyone on Gtalk does demand a certain amount of flair, ouais?) I’ve seen suns rise and set during particularly enthusiastic plotting sessions. When uninhibited by sleep’s perfect sense, it is amazing what the imagination will produce.

Rain too will give me a certain edge that twinkling sunshine doesn’t — an edge that I hope permeates into the majority of my work on my final project tomorrow, given that my tiny world is supposed to look a little something like the image pictured to the left. The rhythmic pouring of wet from the skies insures that I’m well-rested if nothing else; dear, delicate rainstorms have a tendency to lull me to sleep like sweet lullabies. It also means that the project that lured me from underneath my comforter and quilts is a special one, for everyone knows that special feeling of trapped coziness a body cultivates when you’ve slept soundly and the rest of your room dips into chilliness. I take things more slowly, since that’s what the clouds would want me to do; as such, my shapes are more subtle, nuanced. Sometimes, this also means that I take too long or that I get frustrated and throw my pencils across the room, but that is neither here nor there. Sometimes, rain can give you good things too.

I often wonder if my sensitivity to light/dark in my workspace doesn’t go beyond the usual sensitivity to the studio nonsense and permeate into that subject of seasonal affective disorder that apparently keeps on cropping up for yours truly. Am I really so sensitive to the entire Vitamin D thing that I feel sluggish and more methodical as raindrops and snow drifts pile up at the door? Or is that just something that everybody goes thorugh now and again? I dunno, I think I’d like to hear what others in Bloglandia think: do you slow your proverbial roll when the lights dim or clouds roll around? Or can you push your creativity through wind, rain, snow, and the like? (That is to say: are you the proveribal mail carrier of the art world?)

When I grow up, this will be my sketchbook.

Alright, so I have a confession to make: I suck at keeping sketchbooks.

It’s something that I’m not particularly proud about, given my supposed seriousness about getting into this “art profession” or whatever, but it seems awkward and strained. What do I start drawing? Do I just start sketching still lives for shits and giggles? Do I need to spend afternoons on the canal people watching and filling my Moleskine? Does it need to be a large sketchbook? So many questions, not enough answers. To me, using a sketchbook — which is touted as a tool that should be utilized 24/7, if your professors are to be believed — is less the not-optional toothbrushing part of my schedule and more the exercise “if I’m lucky enough to have the time” type of activity. Much like exercise, I’d like to change this attitude.

When I do, I’d like to take on Dustin Harbin‘s style of sketchbookery to heart. I found this dude through Kate Beaton, and along with enjoying following his general line of thought in his blog and all, I have to say that his Flickr account is a delightful stroll through a shitload of awesome pictures. Along with his finished works, there’s his sketchbook set that I find to be impossible to miss (ergo, this fucking entry). What’s really helpful are the notes he includes with his scans, which talk about process, the pros and cons of the mediums of choice within, and other charming anecdotes. If that doesn’t interest you, then perhaps I should just bribe you with images. Make note, though: IT SHOULD.

My apologies to Mr. Harbin, by the by; if you would like me to host this on my own server/take this image down, PLEASE COMMENT OR WHATEVER. I just like your style dude and would like others to hop on that style cock. Thanks!

My apologies to Mr. Harbin, by the by; if you would like me to host this on my own server/take this image down, PLEASE COMMENT OR WHATEVER. I just like your style dude and would like others to hop on that style cock. Thanks!

See? He is all MIXING THEM INK COLORS and it is just cool stuff. Really, the images that I wanted to use are kinda-sorta cockblocked by Flickr, which means that I am assuming that the artist would like it that way, so you should just go and see why I suddenly want to go and buy 230498234098 colored ballpoint and gel pens so I can sketch like a nerd on the go and be 1/230498324098th as awesome as this person. After all, everybody needs inspirations to get them to do better and more productive things in their lives, right? Right.