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Big ideas! Small timeframes!

Ugh, there is something I wish I could share with you, Internetlandia! It would be pretty and artsy, but alas — one must sit on their hands and wait. Then, I can share and all will be lovely. Hint: it’s about papercraft, and who doesn’t love papercraft? (Well. Except for you, paper-phobics. My bad.)

"Le déjeuner sur l'herbe," Édouard Manet

Basically, imagine if the people being ogled in this image... were guys. AM I RITE, LADIES?

Since writing an entry about how Planning For A Trip is strange when you’re an adult ends up boring me halfway through, I figure talking about the ideas I’ve had swirling around in my head for paintings couldn’t hurt. After all, this is an art blog first and a me blog first and a half*, it would behoove me to get such things off my chest. Think of it as an “I.O.U.” marketing ploy:

  • SECRET COMMISSION FUN TIMES: A dear friend from IU Bloomington has commissioned me to paint a little something something for her room pending her return from a blur of summer fun interning in the Big Apple! Since it’s a commission, it only seems fair to discuss it after the completion of the project, but this is something I want to get cracking on as soon as I come back from The Great Big Montana Trek.
  • WOMEN IN HISTORY (OR: MORE FORAYS INTO RE-CONTEXTUALIZING HISTORY): Since I can’t leave well enough alone in history, the idea of doing a series surrounding mad fierce bitches like Boadicea and Joan of Arc in the context of now has been haunting my fume-induced dreams. Mainly, I just want an excuse to paint Boadicea in a motorcycle jacket like she’s some ginger love child of Joe Strummer and James Dean, but whatever I am prepared to justify my desires.
  • THE WOMAN’S ROLE IN NARRATIVE: This is pending a few tips on research courtesy of a former professor of mine (mad thanks to TS if she ever reads this!), but I’m keen on messing around with the women’s role as the object both in visual and literary narrative. There’s this one painting that I wanted to find to illustrate this concept, but I can’t find it for the life of me. Instead, you’ll have to deal with translating the image above (and who doesn’t love a little Manet for visual interest in their blog posts, anyway?) as way of teaching aid. Although really, the little caption underneath is helping me along quite nicely. “What if the male was the sexual object of this image?” Um, good answer. Alternatively, what if the female audience was controlling the dynamic of this image? (Although, one could say that  — er, let’s leave that rant for another time.) Extend this to the treatment of Hemingway’s women in a visual manner and that could get really interesting, no? P.S.: I promise that this will not be an excuse to delve into pop culture and be like, “Poor Taylor Lautner and his oft-abused abs. Let’s paint almost child porn about it.” Because that’s gross, blog readers, that’s just gross.

Fact: it disgusts me that it is almost the end of July (prep work and big vacay included) and I haven’t gotten started on any of these, but never fear! There are two weeks left until the start of school after I get back, so clearly this time will be used to rock the studio. Either that or I’m going back to the studio mid-August crying in shame, and that cannot be.


*Let’s face it: talking about art and my thoughts about said subject is a vainglorious enough pastime that I feel safe in saying that my first priority is half-talking about myself, anyway. I bet I think this blog is about me, don’t I? Don’t I?

30 DAYS PROJECT, DAY NINE: “Thumbnails,” Canvas-in-Progress

DAY NINE: "Untitled"

"Untitled sketches." 8"x10". Graphite on inkjet print-out with tape and ballpoint pen (sketchbook).

Today’s post: a look into the world of how I develop concepts into my sketchbook! Maybe it’s because of the fact that I love collaging for texture or whatever, but I always end up succeeding in my sketchbook for conceptual work a fair lot better if I’m working on top of print-outs from the computer. DON’T ASK ME WHY; I JUST DO. In this case, I took pictures of my now-mostly finished canvas (all it needs is a sand!), organized the thumbnails in Photoshop, et voila! There’s an unfortunate shadow in my studio that created that diagonal coloring effect, but I find it to be a happy accident that I’m probably going to incorporate into whatever composition I choose first. I like most of them a fair amount, but I think the one in the lower left hand corner is what I’m going with first.

30 DAYS, DAY SEVEN: “Untitled,” Canvas-in-Progress

DAY SEVEN: "Untitled"

"Untitled." 30"x24". Repurposed pattern paper and gesso on linen.

I’m hoping that something more organic comes from this week, as I’m going with my instincts: larger projects split into smaller steps, versus this entire LET’S MAKE SOMETHING IN ONE DAY STOP. By vowing to do this already, I’ve made something I like — or rather, the foundation to something I’m going to really like. This is a reclaimed canvas from a former project that I made last semester that I Hated with a capital H; it’s going to be my first foray into one of my experiments with incorporating collage elements with oil painting. I’m super-stoked, as I’m already liking what I’m seeing just one day into the gessoing process. My plans: more pattern paper! More gesso, both of the white and clear varieties! Then, I’ll sand down and start with the actual painting — but first, a series of thumbnail sketches to figure out compositions and all that fun jazz. If anybody from Thirty Days is reading this: major shout out to the person who commented on my first origami piece, for you gave me the idea for this series! THANKS!

By the by, if you want to see another more head-on angle of this piece-in-progress, check out this page on Flickr.

30 DAYS PROJECT, DAY FIVE: “Origami, 1 of Many”

DAY FIVE: Origami, Part 1 of Many

"Origami, Part 1 of Many." Dimensions variable. Origami paper.

Oof, five days in and I’ve already missed a day. Not gonna lie: this was probably going to happen eventually, so what’s important is that I just embrace that slips happen and that I should soldier on. And so today, after a flurry of errands and shopping for supplies, I started on one of my long-term projects for this month: my origami crane garland. I’m presently in a flurry of big writing stuff right now, so the projects over the next week or so are probably going to be small and/or revert to the cranes if I can’t do anything else. Sometimes, it’s just the act that counts — or is that just what the apologist says to make herself feel better?