The author in process.

The author in process.

Hi! My name is Allison Brown, and I’m a twenty-something painting student living in the Indianapolis suburbs. If we are being honest with one another, I am probably too old to be living where I do and too reclusive for my own good, but I get to study what I love and do so in an affordable way, which is a greater deal of luck than most people are afforded throughout their entire lifetime. When I don’t paint, draw, or bookbind, I frequently write, which is why I am often on the Internet. After all, if one wishes to publish, then why not do it on the greatest press since the Gutenberg?

At one point, I was convinced that Outrageously So! was going to be a mishmash of my prattling about a great number of interests in my life, but within a few posts at this humble corner of WordPress, two themes popped up pretty quickly: my thoughts and worries about my artistic process and the fact that I am hopeless at keeping a regular blogging schedule. And well, let’s face it: blogging on a semi-regular basis seems to be the thing to secure your career as an up-and-coming artist until you’re rolling in commissions and invitations to exhibitions, so I should probably get well-versed in the latter until the former shapes up. And so, that is what Outrageously So!‘s aims happen to be: a twenty-something’s word vomit on what it’s like to go through art school and what they make you think about in the process, from the super-scary and in-depth to the insanely flippant. Also, apologies that number over 9000. Over 9000.


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